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My Profile

Name                             :          SAFDAR Hussain

S/O                                 :          ALTAF HUSSAIN

City                                 :          L A H O R E

Cuntry                           :          P A K I S T A N

Date of Birth                :          April, 28 , 1989

Birth Place               :        Qabula (Pakpattan)

Education                 :        Matriculation (Science)

Progress Education     :        F.S.C  M.L.T

                                 :        Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technician

                                :        Diploma In Computer (Software &Hardware)

                                :         Diploma In Call Center



Current Activities


Job In GOVT District Head Quarter Hospital ll Lahore Pakistan

Job INDUS Labs (Private)

FSC MLT from ACE College Lahore Pakistan

Online Work in Google Adsense Company USA

My Interests

Internet and Computer
Wacthing Movies
Our work


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